About Early Childhood

Explore the importance of early childhood growth.

The What and the Why of Early Childhood Care & Education

What is Early Childhood Education?

Activities and programs created for young children to participate in before starting kindergarten, including:

  • Childcare
  • Preschool
  • Community-Based Programs for Children and Their Caregivers

Quality programs and services are offered in many settings:

  • Community-Based Centers
  • In-Home Programs
  • Public, Charter and Private Schools

Did You Know?

Scientists estimate 90% of brain development happens before age 5.

Why Early Childhood is Essential

In the first few years of life, new neural connections are formed at an estimated rate of more than one million per second; these “form the building blocks for important brain functions” such as:

  • Working Memory
  • Mental Flexibility
  • Self-Control

These building blocks can have a profound impact on success in school and life.

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